Born for Moving Shoot

MOVMAX was established in April 2017. It's one of the brands of GMCINE group. It's a brand focused on the development and production of moving shoot equipment.

MOVMAX's mission is to persist in the development of "stable, durable, and cost-effective" products. Provide better moving shoot equipment solutions for the professional film and television market. Developing products based on the demand of moving shoot, which drives us to persist in innovation and continuously pursue the ultimate products and efficiency. Achieved a MOVMAX that creates miracles in constant experimentation.

At present, MOVMAX has developed several products, N₂ ARM, Slider, Rickshaw, MUTO 3000, N₂ ARM Mini, Φ45 Car Mounting System, which can meet users' demand of moving shoot in different scenes.

Thank you for your attention to MOVMAX. We will launch more products with a global perspective, top quality, and super high cost performance.

Let's look forward to the growth of MOVMAX and witness the progress of the film and television industry.